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Nirakar Rudraksha Mala / FaceLess Rudraksh Rosary 108+1 Java Bead Lab Certified 8-9 MM


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Origin :- Java / Indonesia

Bead Size : 9 – 10 MM (Approx. )

Rosary Length :- 37 inch. around the neck ( Approx. )

Design :- 108 + 1 beads of clear Zero Face rudraksha of java origin are design as a mala with Knots .

Note : Lab certificate which proofs authenticity of product, Will be shipped with product.

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Nirakar Rudraksha Mala / FaceLess Rudraksh Rosary 108+1 Java Bead Lab Certified



Information about this Rudraksha:-

The word Rudraksh is derived from a sanskrit word which can be broken into two parts – ‘rudra’ which means Lord Shiva and ‘Aksha’ which means tears. Legend has it that when Lord Shiva opened his eyes after thousands of years of medication, he was overwhelmed with a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. He was so much filled with joy that he shed a tear of happiness. This tear then grew up to become the rudraksh tree bearing this special bead which came to be the symbol of Lord Shiva. Since then it is considered to be very close to him and all his devotees worship and wear it. There are different kinds of rudraksh and each has its own special importance and characteristics. The Nirakar rudraksh or faceless rudraksh is the Rudraksha without any line. Unlike other rudraksh it has no faces or mukhs hence it is called a faceless or a nirakar rudraksh. It is round in shape. One who wears it will feel complete and whole and it will help them to increase their charisma every day. They will be able to accept realities more easily and naturally. It makes their life easy and simple and reduces their conflict with things around them. Its wearer will be tension free and worry free. They will not be worried about the issues of wealth and relationships in life and everything will be smooth and easy. It is good for all categories of people, be it man, woman or children. It is useful for everyone equally. It helps to strengthen the relationship among people and makes life easy for them.

Significance – This is a very rare and significant rudraksh and brings immense benefits for anyone who wears it. It derives its name from the fact that it has no lines over it unlike the other beads. It is round and perfect and has many positive characteristics associated with it. It makes the wearer complete and more receptive and acceptable of the world around them. It makes a person confident and charismatic. They will be able to understand their self worth and value themselves without being arrogant or egoistic. It will also help people to overcome their vices of anger, resistance, insecurities and other defects that prevent them from making full use of life and its opportunities. It brings in positive thinking by improving and structuring the thought patterns. One will only have pure and clear thoughts in their mind. It will make their mind free from any forms of worldly greed or tension. It also plays a role in enlightening the super consciousness of human being and helps them to renunciate all the worldly affairs. It is a symbol of Lord Shiva and only very few trees produce it. There are many varieties of it found in the market but the one grown in Nepal are considered to be the best and most powerful of all. Other inferior varieties of it are also found.

Faceless Rudraksh or Nirakar Rudraksha in the Puranas and scriptures – The fact that rudraksh is derived from the tear of Lord Shiva makes it divine and there are plenty of mention about it in the scriptures like Shiv Puran and others. It is written that anyone who wears this bead will receive blessings not only from Lord Shiva but all other gods as well. It helps them to make a connection between them and god and bridges the gap between them. It is like a beam of light that leads them to the path of devotion and liberation.

Benefits – There are several benefits of the faceless rudraksh and it benefits everyone irrespective of their age or sex. In particular it can be beneficial for stock traders, lawyers, bankers, teachers and anyone who needs confidence, stability and charisma in both their personal or professional life. One who wears this bead will be able to free them from all kinds of worries and tensions, be it about professional or personal life. The wearer will receive the blessings of Lord Shiva and they will always be in good health. It is also considered to be a source of good luck, good health, prosperity, medical benefits, success, financial gains and eradicator of evil forces. It is one of the most powerful rudraksh and anyone who possesses it will be very luck and truly blessed. It is considered to be very pure and divine. At times it can even replace ganga jal. When you dip it in water and use it, it can act as a purifier. It is good and beneficial for anyone irrespective of their caste, nation, religion or sex. It does not make distinction between people and equally benefits everyone. To derive maximum benefit from it, one has to wear it on a Monday or it can also be worn during Shivratri or sun and moon eclipse days or on sankranthi, amavasya and poornima. It can either be worn around the neck or alternatively it can also be placed in the place of worship.

Astrological views – The Rudraksh is ruled by the planet sun and its ruling god is Lord Shiva and all this has a significant impact on its characteristics. It also has blessings of all other gods and goddesses. As an impact of all this it has numerous positive effects on its wearer, which can bring both therapeutic and medical benefits.

Mantras – The most important mantra for this rudraksh is ‘AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA’ and ‘AUM HREEM NAHAM’ and should be chanted minimum nine times every day during the process of wearing it. One needs to wear it in the morning after taking bath and should remove it while going to bed at night. Some of the important mantras you can chant while wearing this bead are ‘Om Hreen Hoom Namah” (Shiva Puran), ‘Om Hroom Namah’ (Mantra Maharanava), ‘Om Hreem Namah’ (Skanda Puran), ‘Mahamrityunjai Mantra’ (Brahajjalopanishad), ‘OM Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushit Vardhanam Urbarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Majmritat’, ‘Om Namah Shivaya’.

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